Podcast: Winning Business Radio with Judy Dang

Entrepreneurs love starting projects and putting out fires – but are you working on the right problem?

Recently I was a guest on my friend Val Low’s Focus & Freedom for Entrepreneurs podcast that features “focus, productivity, and entrepreneurs doing extraordinary things in business.” Of course I was honored to join those ranks! Outside of the podcast, Val helps businesses clarify message and branding to increase revenue and growth.

In my “Get to the Finish Line” episode, we talked about how easy it is for entrepreneurs to get so deep in the weeds working on urgent business stuff that they struggle to reach the finish line of important goals.

Sound familiar?

This happens to all of us, even me. I share my springtime slump story with Val and how a business check-up with four key questions helped me refocus.

Table of Contents

01:16 Show Introduction
02:05 Getting to Know Judy Dang
03:58 Judy’s Backstory
11:42 How Judy Got Her First Job
13:29 Learning from Mistakes
17:19 Listening to Your Intuition
18:14 Canstruction Time & Lessons Learned
19:58 Judy’s Business Journey
22:24 Startup Difficulties & Lessons Learned
24:47 Judy’s Ideal Client & The Challenges They Face
26:40 Setting Boundaries
35:04 How Sales & Productivity Overlap
38:56 Hacks, Shortcuts & Tech Tools
41:46 What We Like to Do vs. What We Should Do
43:24 Having A Follow-Up Methodology
44:19 Judy’s Tracking System
47:39 The Goal Getter Formula
48:40 Why Volunteer
49:12 Reach Out to Judy