Podcast: Time Management for Entrepreneurs

How are your time management skills?

This was a main topic of discussion when I was a guest on Mike Doherty’s Understanding eCommerce podcast. What shocked Mike is that I, a productivity coach, don’t adhere to hard and fast rules.

I shared with Mike (and his audience) my favorite advice about productivity “Tips and Tools”: it’s whichever one works for you. Productivity can and should be personal. Sometimes even fluid. This includes how you manage and dedicate your time throughout the day.

There were more fun discussions, including how long it can take to make a new habit stick and how to battle challenges like procrastination. We packed A LOT into 56 minutes. If you don’t have time to watch the full podcast, I’ve included a Table of Contents with timecode so you can jump to what you are most interested in.

I’m curious, what tips and tools work for you?

Timecode Table of Contents

00:00 Meet Judy Dang
00:27 What is Avid at Work?
1:21 How Judy Helps Clients Organize
4:13 Tips and Tools for Productivity
6:17 Redefining Work Life Balance
7:27 Client Calendar Solutions
9:59 Solving Time Slot Problems
11:46 Productivity Shifts Since Remote WFH
13:30 Pros and Cons of Zoom
17:50 Reemergence of In Person Events

19:59 Paper and Digital Tools
24:06 Client Quarters Ebbs and Flows
29:09 Time Frame for Establishing New Habits
31:08 Client’s Biggest Challenges
33:42 Male vs Female Client Needs
38:44 Languaging and Realistic Beliefs
49:50 Organization Resources Judy Offers
54:52 Judy’s Productivity Time Management Gem
55:38 Reach Out to Judy