Video: How to Stay Motivated at the End of the Year

How do you stay motivated as the end of the year approaches? Productivity coach Judy Dang guides you through how motivation changes as you work through the year, and how to finish strong.

Think of the old-fashioned punch card from coffee shop. You need 10 punches for a free coffee. At the beginning, you’re focused on making progress – just getting the first punch, then one more, and one more to build up momentum. Your focused on the punches you have, not the empty punches you have left. As the end approaches, your motivation reverses to how many punches are left.

It’s a countdown and a drive to complete the card. Your work motivation is very similar. At the end of the year, try thinking about the time you have left and what you can accomplish within that time. What are one or two more punches you make on the year?