How to Create an Annual Plan – Part 2

Action Strategist Judy Dang walks you through the second part of her process for creating her 2022 plan.

In part 1, you reflected on the 2021 accomplishments while you asked yourself some reflective questions about how things went. This pushed you to jot down your top 5 goals for 2022. 

Now it’s time to put the goals on post-its and the post-its to the paper. Place the goals at the top of the calendar, then brainstorm ideas on HOW to accomplish those goals. Put those ideas on post-its and prioritize as High, Medium, or Someday/Maybe. 

The next step is put post-it placeholders on the calendar for things that are already scheduled, like vacations and work events. This gives you a board, big-picture sketch of busier times of the year versus more open times. Now you have an idea of where you could take on big projects and those steps you need to take to get your top 5 goals.

As you get into the year, you’ll make adjustments. Keep it open and keep it flexible. 

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