Meet Ginger, Digital Marketing Extraordinaire

As promised, welcome to the inaugural Show-and-Tell Newsletter! My good friend Ginger Weeden has the honor of introducing herself first. I’m sure you’ll find her story and services as compelling as I do!

Ginger Weeden

Set in Motion Marketing & Media

What She Does: Designs, develops, and deploys digital marketing content that allows you to execute your business goals.

Ideal Clients: Established professionals (consultants, solopreneurs, small business owners) who are looking to offload the digital marketing aspects of their businesses because their are just too darn busy to do it themselves. Or they recognize digital marketing (video marketing, social media, blog writing, email marketing) are not in their wheelhouse. Many of my clients have been doing it on their own for years but not finding it to be a fulfilling or rewarding process.

What Success Looks Like – Quick Case Study: As frequently happens, an established business owner wanted to perfect her digital communication methods yet didn’t have the time or wherewithal to do it. By undertaking the business’ social media, blog writing, and email marketing, the messaging is now harmonious and synchronized. The target audience gets the same message on all channels, wherever they follow the brand.

Key Quirks or Characteristics: My best friend would describe me as loyal and sensitive, always willing to listen and always asking “do you want advice or just a listener?”

Fun Fact: I keep adding new sporting challenges. In 2021, it was white water kayaking. In 2022, skiing powder in the Cascades!