Ready to turn a new page?

Starting in 2022, you’re going to see some fresh updates around here. I’m spicing things up a bit for you by having a special theme each week: 

  • The 1st week of the month will be an update on my upcoming book. 
  • The 2nd week I’ll spotlight a female entrepreneur or leader in my network I think you should meet. 
  • At the request of my friend Saja, one week will have a “Mindset Made Easy” tip. 
  • Then the 4th week will be the 2-minute productivity tip per usual.

Pls tell me if these work for you or not, okay? 

Shall we get started with the book update? Here we go. 

2021 was a momentous year for many reasons. 

  • It was the year of the ox (my animal year) and I turned 48.
  • A special person came into my life. My cousin gave birth to 7 pounds, 15 ounces of pure joy named Kyson.
  • Lots more “tinsel” sprouted on my head. Instead of plucking them for me, Andrew said “Keep them. You earned that tinsel, babe.”
  • I decided to start my book.

I’ve never written a book before. Being a recovering perfectionist, the thought of writing a book had given me the heebie jeebies. 

So why now? Because in 2021 the perfectionism gremlin sunk its fangs into my ankles. Again. I thought I had shaken them off. Ugh.

Initially, I saw this project as a very personal passion project. I wanted to use the book as a way to explain myself to myself. But along the journey I found a universal connection with everyone I talked to about the book. They’d nod in agreement when I describe that heaviness from “climbing the ladder with a backpack full of rocks”. I think perfectionism is a relatable topic for so many people because everyone seems to have a story of not feeling good enough.

When I shared this book project with my friend Larry, he chuckled. “Oh good, you’re tackling perfectionism with something easy, like a book!”

You probably have big plans for 2022, yes? 

Simple yet powerful stuff. So why not stack the cards in your favor? Hit reply and tell me one goal for this year.

Rooting for you,