Meet Amy, Career Coach & Strategist

This month I’m introducing you to Amy Krymkowski, a career strategist I’ve gotten to know through our (successful) work together.

Amy Krymkowski

Better Path Coaching, LLC

What She Does:
I give individuals and groups the confidence and skills to navigate transition with more joy and resilience.

Ideal Clients:
Corporate professionals and leaders at either mid or late-stage of their careers.

What Success Looks Like – Quick Case Study:
I former female client, executive, and new mom had been laid off from her company of 3+ years while on pregnancy leave. She contacted me to support her in executing a successful job search. While navigating her new role as a mom, she struggled to carve out time to conduct a job search, then felt guilty when taking out time for self-care or on activities that helped her feel like a “whole person” again.

We immediately reframed this “inner game” challenge so she could live with a more balanced perspective on which activities made sense, along with adopting a mindset of learning agility. This helped her reflect on her top skills, strengths, and professional accomplishments.

She drilled down to identify target roles and companies in the industries she knew her skills would be recognized and valued. She began to communicate her brand and her targets to her network and was strategic in her networking efforts. She also retained some part-time consulting work, which gave her the opportunity to see her talents in action, build confidence, and earn income.

After interviewing with several companies and exploring opportunities from her network, she successfully landed another executive role in under 100 days.

Key Quirks or Characteristics:
I’m a loyal and committed friend. I am true to my word and go the extra mile to ensure I shows up to support others.

Fun Fact:
I always wanted to be a singer and actress. I love karaoke and dressing up in costumes for fun.