Meet Kristy, A Corporate Communications Expert

Meet my friend Kristy Olinger, a corporate communications expert who loves supporting female entrepreneurs and leaders.

Kristy Olinger

What She Does: I teach corporate professionals how to communicate better at work.

Ideal Clients:
Corporate teams and individuals across any industry

Key Quirks or Characteristics:
I’m “organized” but some (i.e. my best friend) would say I’m rigid. I’m also a good conversationalist – I host a podcast with my best friend called “The Opposite of Small Talk.”

Fun Fact:
I lived in London for 5 years as a child (fun) but that means I cannot donate blood in case I might have mad cow’s disease (funny).

What Success Looks Like – Quick Case Study:
My client Stephanie was asked to give a presentation during her large company’s full day summit. She had done a lot of work to prepare, but wanted expert advice to improve on her delivery. In a one-on-one session she did a dry run for me and I provided guidance on how to tailor the content to the audience and make it even more interesting and compelling and things to consider when speaking to a virtual audience. Stephanie’s session received the most audience engagement, in the form of questions and chat interaction, of the over 100 sessions offered that day!