My grandmother thanks you

Here is a photo of my grandma and me when I was about 6 months old.

Grandma didn’t go to school so she never learned to read or write. Like many Asian folks, she had tremendous respect for education. Even though she’s passed away now, I think she’d be super proud of me writing a book.

Perfect Enough is a guide for Asian-American women on letting go of perfectionism. It’s being published by New Degree Press this September. But before that happens, I need to raise funds to cover the basic costs of producing the book (editors, designers, marketers).

That’s where you come in.

When you pre-order your signed book, you’ll get to choose from a bunch of bonuses such as the Asian candy sampler, a coaching session with me, and more.

Besides the bonuses, you’ll join me in the making of the book:

  • Help me pick the cover.
  • Vote on your favorite title.
  • Give me feedback on a few sections of the manuscript.

Here’s a photo of us when I was 26 years old during a trip to visit her in Vietnam.

I know my grandmother would thank you for your love and support.