We crossed the finish line! We raised $6935!

We did it! Thanks to you, my campaign has raised $6935 (106%). I can’t wait to celebrate with you at the launch party in SF this October.

The lion’s share of the fundraising is done. Phew!

What’s Next?

I’m on to my stretch goal. If I achieve $2000 more, I get to produce an audio book…with me as the narrator.
I have a hair-brained idea to get some buzz around it.

If I reach this stretch goal, I will…


And everyone who contributes to this new goal will VOTE ON THE COLOR.

It’s a wild stunt, but I’m willing to go the extra mile to make it happen.

Could you help me by spreading the word?

Please forward this email to an Asian-American woman in your life…friend, coworker, family member.

Thanks again for your generous support!