Meet Christine, Coach and Consultant for BIPOC Women

Let me introduce you to Christine S. Oh, a coach and consultant who specializes in working with BIPOC women.

Christine S. Oh
What She Does:
I help BIPOC executive women who want to have a positive social impact manage up, challenge their inner critic, and live without limits.

Ideal Clients:
BIPOC executive women who are committed to making a positive social impact.

Key Quirks or Characteristics:
I bring the ultimate “remix” to the soundtrack of life with my passion, boldness, love, and dedication to helping others find their voices and live out their dreams.

Fun Fact:
I enjoy analyzing people’s handwriting and teaching my dog to talk. Also my collection of journals can be used for a screenplay for a teenage romantic comedy.

What Success Looks Like – Quick Case Study:
I started working with a new client who, after a successful career in the nonprofit sector, was considering a transition into more of a leadership position. At the same time, she was growing her family and wanted to have more work-life balance. She had recently taken a new job that turned out to be a terrible fit in a toxic environment.

We worked together to first understand the core of who she was through assessments that helped her discover her natural abilities and strengths. These new insights led to her identifying her “north star” values and creating a long-term vision for her career. From that, we defined clear and definite criteria for new roles.

After discovering how to better articulate her value, I helped her through the job search and interview process. At the same time, she learned to re-frame her ongoing toxic work situation. Ultimately, she landed a role that gave her not only more leadership and influence, but also more work-life balance. Most importantly, she is now more confident about facing obstacles and challenges that may come up in the future.