Meet Stephanie Moon, Marketing Book Strategist

It’s the last day of Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month and I have one last Show-and-Tell to share with you. I’m pleased to introduce you to Stephanie Moon, a burgeoning author’s best friend!

Stephanie Moon

What She Does:
I build capability in individuals and organizations to enable the growth they need to reach their goals.

Ideal Clients:
Authors with a traditional book publishing deal and business owners who want to write a book to build their authority and credibility.

Key Characteristic:
I am a creative person who is an extroverted introvert – I love being social and meeting new people but also love my quiet time.

Fun Fact:
My fun new hobby is to grow a cut-flower garden in our backyard.

What Success Looks Like – Quick Case Study:
Problem: A major tech company was building for unprecedented scale and needed to develop its mid-level leaders.

Solution: Built a learning program to help build the needed strategic and leadership skills and mindsets for a beta audience of 125. That learning audience has now grown to 400 and will likely grow to 40,000!