Meet Sweta Chawla, a Leadership Coach & Facilitator

I’m excited to introduce you to Sweta Chawla, a leadership coach and fellow Diversity Reboot Summit speaker.

What She Does:
I’m a leadership coach/facilitator who helps seasoned professionals and organizations with leadership identity.

Ideal Clients:
I help highly driven, caring, seasoned professionals navigate career crossroads and identity shifts so they can experience more meaning, passion, and joy in their next chapter.

What Success Looks Like – Quick Case Study:
I had a client who had a “good job” but she didn’t feel she was valued enough. She had a desire to write a book but didn’t know how to pursue her passions while paying the bills and being present for her family. Through our work she was able to not take on “over-responsibility,” let go of future tripping around the fear of what could happen if she put out her personal story, and speak up to ask for a salary that she deserved.

At the end of our coaching, she didn’t get the raise and actually was laid off because of COVID, but could really see her value, inspiring her to start her own business which is really growing. She also started writing her book. Today it’s completed and she is shopping for agents. She also navigated a lot of family growth and change with presence and without over-performing.

Key Quirks or Characteristics:
I’m courageous, fun, deep and love diversity.

Fun Fact:
I met my husband while traveling to Peru and neither of us spoke one another’s language. That’s how I learned to speak Spanish.