When life feels off, get out your crayon

Last week I shared that I had lost my mojo. I’ve felt this way before, so took out my handy dandy Life Check-up worksheet and a crayon. I often think better when I put pen to paper.

Here’s what my check-up looked like.

No wonder I had been feeling blasé. My gas tank was low in several important areas.
Fortunately I just finished editing the “self-compassion” chapter in my upcoming book. Boy did I need it!

“People with perfectionism may cover up or deny their negative emotions, failures, and setbacks. They may not want to bother others with their troubles. Again, the double standard that it’s OK for others to need help but not them.”

So I’m taking my own advice and letting the icky feelings just be. As my wise friend Neftalí Vélez says, it’s OK to not be OK.

Midyear is a great time to take stock of where you are. If you’d like to do your own life check-up, download the worksheet and grab a crayon.