Scheduling Meetings Just Got Easier

Are you tired of email ping pong just to schedule a simple phone call or meeting? There's a better way. Calendly is an easy scheduling app that syncs with Google, iCloud, and Outlook. I save loads of time and it reduces my email volume immensely.

Colleagues I’ve used it with appreciate how easy and fun it is to use. No more email ping pong!

Tips for Smooth Set-up 

If you want to try Calendly for yourself, here are tips to help you set it up smoothly:

  • If you don’t use a digital calendar or you don't put everything on that calendar, Calendly will not be useful. Maximize its functionality: put all appointments on your calendar.

  • When you have events that require travel time, add time for getting to and from your meeting. That way Calendly won't show that you're available (unless you want to have phone calls while you’re on the road).

  • Calendly lets you control your availability easily. For example, I reserve Fridays for deep work so I deselect all Fridays from my availability.

  • I set up phone calls for 25 minutes instead of 30. That way if I have back to back calls, I have five minutes for transition.

  • Try the free plan to see if it's a useful tool for you. Calendly is free if you only have one event type. For example, I use it to schedule my 25-minute calls. If I want to add another event type, such as a 50-minute meeting, I’ll need to upgrade to Premium ($8/month) or Pro ($12/month).

  • Like any new tool, build in time to set up and learn the app. I recommend 2 hours for set-up, learning the ropes, and testing it out on a friend.

Try it

Ready to try it out? Here’s my Calendly page.

Judy Dang