"What Good Shall I Do This Day?"


This Fourth of July brings to mind a section of Benjamin Franklin's autobiography showing his daily schedule. Mr. Franklin was not only a prolific writer, inventor, scientist, and one of the authors of America's Declaration of Independence. He is also my inspiration for time management.

This image shows his daily scheme:


Looking at his 8-hour day, I wondered, "how in the world did he accomplish so much in his life?" He took a two-hour lunch! Moreover, he had four hours in the evening for organizing, supper, and "diversions" (he had quite a bit of those).

What I Learned From Mr. Franklin

A day's activities should have their allotted time. I tend to over-schedule myself. To help with this, I divide my work day into 50-minute blocks. Each block holds one task. No more squeezing too much into my day and feeling frustrated that I didn't get everything done. I also group my shallow tasks into one block so I can quickly move through mundane chores all at once.

Mr. Franklin began his day with "what good shall I do this day?" and ended with "what good have I done to-day?" In a similar way, I have a poster that lists my major goals. I refer to it regularly to check whether that day's activities move me closer to those guideposts. 

How About You?

How do you schedule your day? What time management tools support your life?

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Happy Birthday, America!

Judy Dang