Spring Clean Your Networking Skills

Networking: the process of authentically building and maintaining quality business relationships
— Judy Dang, Linda Groszyk

What we learned together

You know that adage "if you want to master something, teach it to someone"? Well, my colleague Linda Groszyk and I led a workshop on networking skills last month. Boy did I learn a ton. Thanks to the intimate close-knit group, attendees enjoyed deep discussions and many teaching moments. Folks stayed and continued conversing and connecting way past the end. 

Here are a few highlights from the workshop:

  1. Networking is about making connections, not selling

  2. Networking begins with self-awareness

  3. Attend networking events with the mindset to be helpful to others, not just to get something

  4. Offer to help the other person first

  5. Know your comfort zone yet stretch yourself a little. (I avoid events at bars, but occasionally will go IF there's someone I want to meet and IF I haven't been out that week.)

  6. Plan ahead, even just mentally picturing the venue and logistics beforehand

Want the workshop?

Our workshop series consists of four modules:

  • Get Clear: gain clarity on your authentic self

  • Get Ready: prepare for networking with confidence and ease

  • Get Going: strategies for connecting effectively with others

  • Get Growing: deepen your skills and plan for growth

Linda is a social intelligence expert. In this program we combine her social intelligence know-how with my talent for helping you get clear on your most important goals. We'd love to bring the workshop series to your firm and coach your team to be better networkers.

Let’s spiff up your networking skills this spring.

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