I had this project that I tried to do for a year. Every month I’d move it from one month to the next. I couldn’t find a way to get started. That was the biggest obstacle. Judy provided the structure and project plan. Plus support and accountability. ROI was immediate.
— Bobbie LaPorte
Before working with Judy, we didn’t have goals or plans, just lots of great ideas and lots of talking, but no action. Judy helped us visualize where we wanted the firm to go, funnel those ideas that truly made sense for us, put it on paper, and execute our plans. Our firm is in a better place now with all the changes we went through. And there’s more to come.
— Element Structural Engineers
Judy is a problem-solver. She has a unique way of listening, proposing solutions, and following through so change actually happens. My work life has changed 180 degrees with Judy’s guidance.
— Alison Strickler
Judy knows her stuff!! Before working with Judy, I was overwhelmed with the idea of prioritizing my goals and vision for my business and my personal life. Judy helped me to discover what was most meaningful. We created an actionable plan that’s very doable. Judy’s step-by-step process was not only thought provoking, it was enlightening and fun. Time flew by because she made it exciting and enjoyable; it didn’t feel like work. It was so much easier having Judy guide me through the process of creating an action plan. I’d tried several times to do this on my own and failed to come up with achievable goals. Now I’m ready to move forward with creating a stress-free life in 2018.
— Gwen McClure