I often get asked, “Why do you focus on women?”

Coming from a Vietnamese immigrant background and married to a White man, I see the privileges I’ve been given because of my Asian identity and connection to White privilege. I’ve also been a part of our systemically unjust political, economic, and social world.

I want to make the world more equitable. And my contribution is to provide scholarships and sliding scale tuition to women and BIPOC members.   

In 2020, US women earn 82 cents for every dollar a man earns (US Department of Labor)

Women aged 35-44 earn 30% less than men. (Quarterly Workforce Indicators)

The median household income for a White family in 2020 was $75K. For a Black family, $46K. (US Census)

Black and Latino households hold 1/10 of the wealth of White households. (The Aspen Institute)

In 2021, 77% of professors were White. 8% were Black, 13% were Asian, and 7% were Latino. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

In 2021 10% of managers and 6% of CEOs are Black. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)