Dear Meeting Planners,

As a meeting planner, you’re juggling a LOT of balls in the air. We get it. Judy understands; she has experience planning annual events for hundreds of professors. She knows all too well the stress and pressure of paying attention to the big picture as well as making sure all the teeny details are in line.

Judy makes your life easier and less stressful by giving you everything your audience needs right away, not in drips and drabs: action items they can implement right away; simple productivity hacks that yield quantifiable results; and how to change their definition of “busy,” among others. Judy takes some of the pain out of planning your event and your audience will thank you for quality programming. Win-win-win for everyone!

5 Reasons Meeting Planners Love Booking Judy


Judy saves you time because she is the most organized speaker you will work with.


Judy’s workshops are less PowerPoint, more interactive so your audience will actually remember what they learned.


She provides practical, doable tips audiences can use right away.


Attendees will leave armed with proven productivity strategies based on helping hundreds of attendees increase their productivity and fulfillment at work.


She's a pro at engaging virtual audiences large and small through fun, props, and lots of group interaction.
"Judy presented at our Rotary hybrid meeting. She was on Zoom and half of the audience was live and half was on Zoom. Aside from her obvious expertise in organizational skills, I was most impressed with her ability to facilitate a hybrid meeting and keep everyone engaged, both online and in person. If you have ever run a hybrid meeting you know that it’s very difficult to keep the online people engaged as they feel like second class citizens. Judy managed it with flying colors. ”
Anabella Bonfa
"Judy spoke at the Professional Women’s Network of the Monterey Peninsula and provided an engaging and fun talk on using habits to get back time. She used props and her signature whiteboard to engage the audience in an interactive way. I recommend Judy for groups looking for a creative speaker who provides easy and simple productivity tips that audiences can use right away."
Marion Gellatly

Fresh Topics

You’ve proven you’re a top performer. Now it’s time to be a leader. As a new manager, you’re going to need a whole new set of skills if you want to excel in your new role. Learn how to manage your workday, prioritize what’s most important, set goals for yourself and your team, and keep everyone engaged and on track.

You just got promoted…congrats! You’ve proven you’re a top performer. Now it’s time to be a leader. Learn the three biggest mistakes that sink new managers. Get the strategies for building your reputation as a confident, collaborative, and connected leader.

Learn to focus on the important, not the urgent. Get essential skills for strategic thinking, planning, prioritizing your competing deadlines, and self-leadership. Learn the 3 habits every high-performer needs for career success.

Are you afraid to put your work out there because it’s not good enough? Do you compare yourself to others and feel inferior to them? These could be signs of perfectionism at play. In this session you’ll get strategies to shift your perfectionistic mindset and habits so you can let go of those unrelenting standards. You’ll be able to practice self-compassion as you gain more joy, creativity, and balance.

It’s easy to feel high motivation when you start something new. But invariably we lose momentum. Those aspirations tend to fade away after the first few weeks. Staying focused on our goals is not easy. Life gets messy. We get busy, have major life or business changes, or get distracted. In this session you’ll learn mindset shifts for keeping your goals fresh and exciting all year long, learn daily habits for keeping on track with big blobby goals, and get easy tools and techniques to manage distractions.

When everything’s important, how do you know what do you do first? Get off the hamster wheel, clear the mental clutter, and get your mind organized. Walk in with chaos, walk out with a clear plan on what to do next.

An interactive two-hour productivity party providing you with the business tools and skills you need to reach your goals. In one sitting, you’ll create your 12-week action plan to get to your next level.

As leaders, we wear multiple hats and spin a lot of plates. Time is gold. Everyone gets the same 24 hours. What can you do to make the most of this precious resource? The answer is not to work more, but to work less by tapping into good business habits. You’ll learn how to use your time to inject energy into building a profitable and sustainable business without burning out.

In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to take your networking skills to the next level. By playing the long game, connecting authentically, and giving first, you’ll become the power connector in your circle.

Are we a good fit?

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Rave Reviews

As a Productivity Coach you have your own unique system and road map to help your clients reach their goals. I learn it in every video you share and every workshop you provide. And it is so interesting and very clear how you help people navigate where they want to go, so they will get lost the least! We can all get lost, but with you they will find their way back quicker and with more clarity. And I have no doubt with you, they will reach their destination and enjoy the ride so much more.
Elaine Hausman
Elain Hausman Consulting
I attended one of Judy's productivity webinars and learned some great new tips. I appreciated how she engaged the group to have everyone share their experience with the productivity tips she shared. She also showed an example of one of her productivity systems in action, which was very helpful. I enjoy following Judy on LinkedIn and learning new tips and tricks to save time and improve my productivity!
Jenny Niec
Judy is a sharp, compassionate, and supportive workshop facilitator and has been a popular accountability coach within our ReBoot Accel community. I'm delighted to recommend her to keep you organized and productive, and to heighten your awareness of me-time versus we-time.

Diane Johnson Flynn
ReBoot Accel
Judy is a thoughtful presenter and communicator with excellent content. She is also so relatable and her tips are smart and easy to implement. She has presented for our organization twice now and I highly recommend her!
Megan Martin Stricklan
ReBoot Accel
"Judy is a talented communicator and trainer. She presented to Asian Commercial Professionals (ACP) for our special weekly happy hour during shelter-in-place. We received great feedback from attendees and appreciate her fun and creative way of tying her productivity tips to each week’s theme. She is positive, a great communicator, and delivers beyond expectations!"
Mark Kim
"Judy facilitated a fun interactive workshop for our leadership team's off site. She was engaging and enthusiastic, especially the way she used great questions to bring out good discussions."
Raffy Espiritu, FMP
Impec Group
“Judy’s hands-on workshop made everything clear. Dumping all the projects from my head onto paper and looking at which ones would give me the biggest bang for my buck was super helpful. I now know what to focus on. I feel like I made progress plus I feel motivated to accomplish my priorities. Not only does it seem doable, it feels easy to accomplish.”
Angela Dunz
Your presentation at Redwood Writers yesterday was so spot-on for me for the phase of book promotion I’m in. So many insights! And your personal perspectives are so helpful, so genuine.
J. Curtis Moran
Judy Dang presented a fun and engaging talk at Redwood Writers on how she wrote and crowdfunded her book. She gave us lots of creative ideas and inspired with her own book journey. Judy is a dynamic speaker who knows how to tell stories and draw people in with her interactive exercises.
Judy Baker
“Judy presented an engaging interactive workshop for CREW Silicon Valley on how to deepen our networking skills, our group was about 35 participants and the entire event was on Zoom. The hands-on exercises and group interactions made it fun, engaging and easy to apply what we learned. She’s a dynamic presenter and facilitator who knows how to engage the audience and create practical exercises. Our group specifically appreciated that she gave us time during the workshop to work on the tools that she was teaching- this made it specifically useful as we did not just learn and have to apply on our own but began setting up networking calls/ coffee dates/ zoom connections during the workshop- a truly great way to take the knowledge and put it to action. I would highly recommend Judy and look forward to future opportunities to learn from her expertise.”
Laura Kreuger
“It was the best Virtual Zoom meeting that I have attended. Both Judy and Lolah are so motivational. I learned a lot and had fun at the same time. I even shed a few tears. You all are amazing!”
Pamela Raumer, Attendee
“Judy presented a stellar webinar to our Napa Valley Writers group. We enjoyed her energy, her use of fun props, and her engaging way of drawing everyone in to participate. She offered great tips for improving productivity for our authors as well as encouraging us to set realistic writing goals for the next 30 days. We highly recommend her as a speaker.”
Rose Winter, Board Member, Napa Valley Writers

“Typically, I work on a 90-day plan once a quarter in my business. As many busy entrepreneurs know, sometimes other priorities get in the way of working ON the business. I am so glad I carved out the time to take Judy’s workshop: Refresh and Refocus. She designed creative and fun exercises that helped me hone in on what my priorities are for the next 3-6 months. I even had a big “rock” that I needed to stop doing and had planned on stopping for the last 12 months. The day after the Workshop, I let that big rock go. Judy’s workshop helped me gain clarity on projects that I wanted to keep, some that needed to ramp up, and others that needed to wind down. I am grateful for Judy’s wisdom and guidance in her workshop. The short investment in the Refresh and Refocus workshop will earn you hours back in your business. I highly recommend it.”
Sarah Tetlow, Founder, Firm Focus

Happy Audiences