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“I had a joint deep dive session with Judy Dang and Amy Krymkowski that helped me get clarity around my new role and how to align my values and priorities with my day-to-day activities. Even before our session, I got tremendous value out of doing the daily journal that they recommended. Then in the session I experienced so many aha moments and insights thanks to their creativity, thoughtful questions, and nudges. I’m so glad I reached out to Amy, who invited Judy to collaborate. I loved the balance of looking at what’s happening immediately in front of me plus strategizing for the long game. Judy and Amy are two delightful and awesome coaches.”
Joanne Griffith
“Judy Dang and Sarah Tetlow presented to the ProVisors East Bay Women’s Affinity Group and knocked it out of the park. Their worksheet, tips, discussions, and ideas were very helpful and engaged the audience in fun and insightful discussions. I highly recommend them as speakers.”
Julia Holian
“Judy is an expert coach that, not only helps you set goals, but also dedicates her time and energy to helping you achieve them. She is dynamic, reliable, talented, and most of all, passionate about what she does. I attribute much of my success in my career to her lessons on organization and accountability.”
Luca Micheletti
“Judy is a problem-solver. She has a unique way of listening, proposing solutions, and following through so change actually happens. My work life has changed 180 degrees with Judy’s guidance.”
Alison Strickler
“I have loved the discipline you have instilled in me. I’m more productive now than I’ve been in the last few years. It’s been a game changer.”
Deb Doyle
“Clarity of purpose and visualizing the day are so important to me. Thank you Judy for the insights on my efforts to make every day productive. They are now part of my routine. I can’t wait to hear and learn more.”
JR Mendivil
“I am so glad I carved out the time to take Judy’s workshop. She designed creative and fun exercises that helped me hone in on what my priorities are for the next 3-6 months. I am grateful for Judy’s wisdom and guidance in her workshop. The short investment in the workshop will earn you hours back in your business. I highly recommend it.”
Sarah Tetlow
Firm Focus
“I attended Judy’s Refresh and Refocus workshop and greatly benefitted from the dedicated time to work on my business. The interactive exercises with Judy and other entrepreneurs were insightful and thought-provoking. Defining and refining my North Star is always very healthy way to begin any effort in examining and revitalizing my Business+Life Plan. It is typically revealing, providing a way for me to tune up my Plan. Thank you, Judy!”
Ginger Weeden
Set In Motion Marketing
“Judy is a time ninja. The thing that blew me away was how Judy was able to create a 2-month plan for me after only just one phone call. It was good to have a plan and to be held accountable for finishing in the time frame we created. It helped to alleviate the stress of waiting until the last minute. I clearly see this is why I was always maxed out – I had underestimated how long things take and didn’t allow enough time to get things done. Judy brought this awareness and helped me create a realistic plan. I don’t think I could have accomplished all that I did without Judy’s guidance. ”
Donna Loeffler
Donna Loeffler International
“Judy’s ability to cut through the fluff and focus you on what will get you traction is extraordinary. Her method of asking kind and probing questions is extremely effective. We had fun together. She was positive and kind. That’s what kept me motivated to succeed. With Judy’s guidance, I accomplished more than I even imagined.”
Laurin Mooney
Speaking IN
“I had this project that I tried to do for a year. Every month I’d move it from one month to the next. I couldn’t find a way to get started. That was the biggest obstacle. Judy provided the structure and project plan. Plus support and accountability. ROI was immediate.”
Bobbie LaPorte
Bobbie LaPorte & Associates
"Before working with Judy, we didn’t have goals or plans, just lots of great ideas and lots of talking, but no action. Judy helped us visualize where we wanted the firm to go, funnel those ideas that truly made sense for us, put it on paper, and execute our plans. Our firm is in a better place now with all the changes we went through. And there’s more to come.”
Element Structural Engineers
“Before working with Judy, I was overwhelmed with the idea of prioritizing my goals and vision for my business and my personal life. Judy helped me to discover what was most meaningful. We created an actionable plan that’s very doable. Judy’s step-by-step process was not only thought provoking, it was enlightening and fun. Time flew by because she made it exciting and enjoyable; it didn’t feel like work.”
Gwen McClure
PLACE IT San Francisco
"I am fortunate to have had opportunity to attend a workshop offered by Judy through Women In Consulting and also to work with Judy on a large and complex project. Her system for organizing and focusing on the most important action items is high-value and immediately actionable. She is awesome! Anyone who has challenges focusing to get things done will benefit from Judy’s workshops and working with her directly.”
Ellen Grace Henson
Marketing Mechanics
"You were amazing last night at the Chamber Job Forum LinkedIn user meeting. Using props was a terrific idea, very memorable for us as Job Forum panelists. Sometimes we forget to share the basic things with our job seekers. You held the attention of the group with your content and innovation. Great presentation!"
Cindy Fassler
Cindy Fassler Career Coaching
“I enjoyed working with Judy as a great accountability coach with a heart. She helped me stay on track with my daily activity. And when obstacles got in the way of my goals, she made sure she understood why so she could provide practical tools to help me move forward. I still use them to this day. I recently made some big changes in my business, pivoting with more being conducted online. I often find myself distracted by the many different options and opportunities that prevail, and at times feel overwhelmed. Judy is a great mentor that helped me focus on what is important, and stay on track with the activities that supported it. Her simple approach is effective, practical and easy to apply.”
Don Awalt
Don Awalt Coaching